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“Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard”

Aaron Calvert 5 Stars


The Derby Telegraph

Find out what a mind reader can add to your event

Corporate Entertainment

When making a great impression is a must, Aaron is perfect to engage and entertain your guests with his unique blend of hypnosis and mind reading, either on stage or up close, he’ll make your event a success.

Cabaret Stage Show

Organising an event with a stage or a seated crowd? Have your guests stuck to their seats, quite literally, with Aaron’s mind reading and hypnosis cabaret show, showcasing his mischievous powers.

Wedding Entertainment

Aaron is the perfect choice for your big day, creating special moments and memories for you and your guests. We know you’ll have thought about every detail, lets plan something special!

Mix & Mingle

When your guests are up and walking around Aaron will get them together, make them laugh and most importantly having a cracking good time, making any organiser look fantastic! Mind reading close-up has that personal touch.

Theatre Show

If you own or run a theatre or are putting on a theatre event, Aaron’s sell out theatre shows will be sure to fill an auditorium with an electric atmosphere. Get Aaron and his five star show in your venue for your next theatre season.

Stage Hypnotist

Looking for a stage hypnotist with something unique and not the tired old comedy bits you know, Aaron is the choice for you. Your audience won’t know where reality ends and imagination begins as he takes them on this hypnotic experience.

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Mind Reader and Hypnotist Aaron Calvert About

Mind Reader and Hypnotist Aaron Calvert About 2

A little about Aaron

Most people call me a hypnotist and mind reader, and they’d be correct. Others call me a magician, which is fine, but those people do end up thinking they’re chickens for the next 20 minutes.

Growing up in Manchester, I attended a local grammar school and kissed up to teachers far too much. It was at a young age I found my love of performing and more specifically being on stage. Call me an attention seeker all you want. Go on, i dare you…

As with all evil geniuses I felt I needed a Dr title, so I attended the University of Nottingham to train in the field of medicine and qualified in 2015 as Dr Aaron Calvert. I really did, honest. Following my graduation I left the whole medical doctor thing behind and moved full time into my true passion of entertaining the masses all around the UK. In fact you can read some of my early reviews below from the MIND GAMES 2014 tour.

I know you’re probably expecting me to say and then I got married, no that’s not my wife in the picture, that’s one of my lovely couples who booked me to perform on their special day. If you’ve got an event in mind, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can make it unforgettable. In the mean time why not follow me on social media.

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Simply amazing! Aaron made the evening extremely entertaining, the best mind reader we’ve ever seen!


Aaron had everyone transfixed. Already thinking about which event we can book him for next