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Aaron Calvert – On Television


Aaron is working on a few new TV shows with Wall to Wall productions and we’re looking for volunteers to be involved in the show.

Change – This is a brand new concept TV show & we’re set to film some early stages of the project in February 2018. We’re looking for fun individuals who have an interest in hypnosis and could talk strongly about a subject. Register your interest in the form below.

Filming Dates:

7th February 2018

The Experience – if you’ve ever wanted to experience hypnosis first hand and see it from a completely new perspective we’d love to hear from you. You’ll be given the unique opportunity to experience hypnosis in a brand new way, oh and they’ll be coffee too.

Filming Dates:

March 2018

You, Me & a Celeb – This is a brand new show we’ve just started working on. Right now we can’t tell you much detail about the show other than it’ll be you, me & a celeb having a whole lot of fun!

Filming dates:

Late February 2018 TBC

We’re looking for fun individuals who would like to take part in the new hypnosis show! Register your interest below.

First Impressions – We’re looking for couples who are at a cross roads in their relationship… Maybe you’re about to move in together, maybe things aren’t quite as spontaneous as they once were, maybe you think the grass may be greener elsewhere or you want to know if you met for the first time if you’d fall in love all over again…

If that sounds like you we’d love to hear from you! We’re currently casting couples for the new E4 dating show with Channel 4 which is filming later this year. Read more about the show and what’s involved here – First Impressions.

Register your interest in the form below.


Aaron Calvert talking to camera about new tv dating show

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*** TV CASTING FEB 2018 ***

To start 2018 Sam Fitton & I are really excited to be working with Warner Bros. TV on a few new TV shows & we're looking for people to get involved!

If you've ever been hypnotised we'd love to hear from you!! Drop us a message & let's chat about the shows - we'd love to have you involved & I promise you'll be as excited as we are!

Drop me a PM (Aaron Calvert) or email us at casting@aaroncalvert.com

Please tag friends, share and message us - Sam & I are very excited about these new projects and we're taking things in an exciting direction!


Later in 2018 we have some exciting news coming from Sam & I about our unique TV show with Channel 4 & of course the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

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