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What do you do after studying for 5 years to become a doctor?  Become a hypnotist instead!  That’s what the delectable Aaron Calvert did, anyway.

With smouldering good looks, a stunning physique and a quicksilver wit, Calvert had a massive audience at La Belle Angele in the palm of his hand.

Looking dapper, his energy is high as he bounds around the stage from prop to prop, giving full explanation of each of the tricks.  He starts by engaging the entire audience in a game of rock, paper, scissors which then (geek delight) turns into rock, paper, scissors, spock, lizard on stage with a selected audience member.

“With smouldering good looks, a stunning physique and a quicksilver wit, Calvert had the audience in the palm of his hand.”

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He’s a psychological PT Barnum, never missing a trick (even when he seems to) and brings everything full circle.  He also takes a holistic approach to hypnosis, always taking time to advise caution or focus on the benefit of the process.  He promises not to embarrass or degrade any participants.

I had the privilege of being brought up on stage (don’t think because you’re sitting 12 rows back that you’re going to be safe!) to be hypnotised.  If you’ve never been hypnotised before, just think of it like subbing for the first time.  And what a top!  He had me totally at ease but also with tingles of excitement (I thought I was going to have a giggle fit on stage) and his voice and touch sent me into another place (ok, sub space) without hesitation.  I felt like I was floating in water and there was nothing I wouldn’t do if instructed (as with certain other activities, trust helps).

Suffice to say, it was a very enjoyable experience.  The audience were totally into what he was doing and there was an electricity in the room (and it’s a big room to fill).

Just a couple of niggling points.  The NLP trigger words were a little pronounced and a lot of the games are familiar as in I’ve seen very similar before .  But this is him at the start of his career and as he progresses I’ve no doubt he’ll grow his repertoire and become even more skilled.  Failing that he can always jump careers again and become a very accomplished Dom.


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Aaron is a great showman and very talented. His show is a refreshing and quirky alternative which will leave you baffled by what you’ve just seen.