Aaron Calvert: Mind Games – The Upcoming Review

Hypnosis shows can be hard to crack, with many failing to avoid the tackiness and over-dramatism that can cloud true audience belief. Aaron Calvert, in his magical show Mind Games, however, nails the balance between entertainment and mystery that is necessary for such a show to succeed. And succeed it does; the venue is filled to the door, with people even sitting on the floor around the sides of the hall.

Dressed impeccably in a slick blue suit, the master of psychology holds the attention of hundreds of eyes and guides the audience through what can only be described as modern-day wizardry. Mentalism, telepathy, prediction, hypnosis… it’s all included in this incredible jaw-dropping spectacle, and all of it made to look as easy as it is to applaud in incredulity at the end of the hour-long performance.

Whittling down volunteers for hypnosis based on susceptibility, Aaron Calvert demonstrates complete confidence and understanding and exacts his craft seamlessly, his routine needing no flashy lighting or sound to genuinely astound. Even those not on stage as volunteers can fully take part by letting go and succumbing to Calvert’s entrancing voice – all viewers, should they wish, can attempt to undergo hypnosis. With his subtle and natural humour as a bonus on top of his seemingly complete psychic ability, Calvert takes control not only of the stage but of the minds of the entire audience, carving a place for himself as arguably one of the most captivating acts of the Edinburgh Fringe.


“The master of psychology in a jaw-dropping spectacle.”

Aaron Calvert 5 Stars

The Upcoming

Aaron Calvert Awaken Edinburgh Fringe Press Release 2017

Lost Luggage Productions in association with Triple A Media presents Aaron Calvert: Awaken Directed and co-written by Sam Fitton AS PART OF THE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE 2017 Venue: PBH Free Fringe – La Belle Angèle (Venue 301) Dates: 5 to 27 August 2017 Time: 1.30pm...

Aaron Calvert Awaken EdFringe Show

YOU ARE HERE: HOME / EDINBURGH FRINGE MAGIC / AWAKEN Aaron announces new EdFringe show August 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or EdFringe as most people call it. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Aaron’s brand new stage...

Daily Mail Mind Games Review

Aaron is a great showman and very talented. His show is a refreshing and quirky alternative which will leave you baffled by what you’ve just seen.