Manchester Hypnotist

Manchester hypnotist Aaron Calvert’s charismatic showmanship will have you enchanted from the word ‘sleep’. Aaron combines his use of psychology and mind reading with his hypnotic talents to produce a unique hypnosis show so far away from the worn out tired ‘comedy’ hypnosis shows you may have seen.

Corporate event hypnosis in action

Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert warms up group at a corporate event
Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert about to hypnotise James Mendeika
James Mendeika can't remember how to read after being hypnotised by Aaron Calvert.JPG
Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert laughing with a group at a corporate event
Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert hugging hypnotised James Mendeika
James Mendeika stunned that he can't remember how to read after being hypnotised by Aaron Calvert
James Mendeika shares his experience after being hypnotised by Aaron Calvert
Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert giggling with girl at a corporate event
Man reacts with to jaw dropping experience as Manchester hypnotist aaron calvert hypnotises James Mendeika
Selfie time with James Mendeika after being hypnotised by Aaron Calvert
Manchester hypnotist on stage
Manchester hypnotist on stage with volunteers hypnotised

The Hypnosis Show

Combining hypnosis with mind reading gives an amazing opportunity to make the audience stars of the show. Fitting with your time scale, from the shortest 45 minute show to a full 2 hour stage spectacular Aaron’s hypnosis show can fit any event. The fast-paced, light hearted and funny performance will have the whole audience enjoying themselves as their friends, family or colleagues become the real stars of the show.

Manchester hypnotist's volunteers slum across one another

“Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard”


A little about hypnosis

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we pass through on our way to sleep each night. Therefore if you can sleep, you can be hypnotised. There are two ways of inducing a hypnotic state, through fatigue of the nervous system and overload of the nervous system, that’s it.  Easy.

Do you embarrass people on stage?

No. I do my best not to embarrass anyone, after all you have volunteered, taken your time to come to the show, I want you to enjoy it as much as the rest of the audience. Essentially you become the star of the show.

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*** TV CASTING FEB 2018 ***

To start 2018 Sam Fitton & I are really excited to be working with Warner Bros. TV on a few new TV shows & we're looking for people to get involved!

If you've ever been hypnotised we'd love to hear from you!! Drop us a message & let's chat about the shows - we'd love to have you involved & I promise you'll be as excited as we are!

Drop me a PM (Aaron Calvert) or email us at

Please tag friends, share and message us - Sam & I are very excited about these new projects and we're taking things in an exciting direction!


Later in 2018 we have some exciting news coming from Sam & I about our unique TV show with Channel 4 & of course the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

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Simply amazing! Aaron made the evening extremely entertaining, the best mind reader we’ve ever seen!


Aaron had everyone transfixed. Already thinking about which event we can book him for next